Friday, November 13, 2009


Due Diligence Compliances has always been a part and parcel of the Indian Legal System. However, nothing is more challenging than meeting the due diligence requirements in cyberspace.

Perry4Law is the First and Exclusive Techno-Legal ICT Law Firm in India and one of the few in the World. It provides, among other Techno-Legal Services, assistance to companies and individuals to meet the due diligence compliances under various laws.

Although the due diligence requirement were already there in the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000) yet with the enactment of Information Technology Act 2008 (IT Act 2008) it has become even more crucial and stringent.

The following players are, in particular, required to meet the stringent requirements of due diligence under the amended cyber law of India:

(A) ISPs: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or Network Service Providers (NSPs) liabilities under the cyber laws are numerous. They have to exercise due diligence to escape the civil and criminal liabilities under various laws and cyber laws.

(B) Corporations And Organisations: Companies having a web presence and online dealing must meet the techno-legal due diligence requirements under various laws and cyber law of India.

Perry4Law can make your company and organisation safe and secure on the one hand and cyber law compliant and due diligence compliant on the other.

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