Friday, April 10, 2009


Perry4Law is the First and Exclusive Techno-Legal ICT Law Firm of India. Besides Perry4Law is one of the Best Techno-Legal Firm in the World. Perry4Law has been instrumental in shaping the Indian ICT Policies and Strategies. Many of the suggestions and recommendations by Perry4Law have been accepted by the Government of India, Industrial Bodies, International Organisations, etc.

We have been receiving numerous requests for “Professional Services” of Perry4Law at both International and National Level. To facilitate International and National service delivery by Perry4Law, we have formulated this contact point. It would be managed and handled by Mr. Baljeet Singh, Executive Perry4Law. All communications would be managed by him as a starting point.

The moment a Client-Attorney Relationship or any other Association, Partnership, Collaboration, etc would be established, other Partners of Perry4Law would take charge of the matter. At this point we also make it clear that this contact point would serve as an eliminator of “Spam Calls and Communications” only by insisting upon a “Minimum Monetary Commitment”. However, all monetary transactions would be taken care of by the Partners of Perry4Law alone. All the future Clients are requested to remit the Fees, Consultancy Charges, Retainership Amounts, etc to Partners of Perry4Law alone. As a general rule, Mr. Praveen Dalal, Managing Partner of Perry4Law, would be receiving all fees and payments.

Perry4Law would entertain all communications in this “Contact Point Alone”. All other communications would be outrightly rejected.

Perry4Law is a “Professional Firm”. We would not entertain any “General Queries” or “Free Services”. To avoid “Blacklisting” from Perry4Law, all communicators are requested to strictly follow the requirements of this platform. We would be providing different “Proforma” for different service seekers. Each category of service seekers must use the respective Proforma along with their professional communications. Otherwise, their requests would not be entertained.

Although Perry4Law is neutral and impartial, but we give “Priority” to our Clients on first come first basis. To get the best results we suggest the service seekers must consider the options of entering into Partnerships, Consortiums, Collaborations, Limited Liability Partnerships, etc with Perry4Law. All our Partners and Associates would get a “Preferential Treatment” in case we are too tied up and can take up limited assignments only.

A complete list of our existing Projects and Services is provided at this platform. We would also include our “Future Projects and Services” in due course of time. This is just the introductory initiation and we would add more information to this post as well as through subsequent posts.