Saturday, April 11, 2009


Proforma is the most important part of establishing a “Professional Relationship” between Perry4Law and the contacting person or company. This is so because without a Proforma, the request would be rejected.

We have prescribed different Proforma for different purposes. Every contacting person must fall within the categories specified by us at the Proforma Segment of this site. Kindly choose the mist relevant Proforma that suits your requirements and request for our Professional Services. The terms and Conditions as well as our dealing would be different for each category.

The Proforma must be duly filed and attached along with the communications. Further, filing and attaching the Proforma along with contacting communication would mean, both constructively as well as impliedly, that the contacting person or organisation has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions mentioned by Perry4Law on this site, in the Proforma and through other means and communication modes of Perry4Law.

An incomplete Proforma would be treated as not field and no action would be taken upon such communications.

All disputes arising out of any agreement between Perry4Law and other Party would be subject to the Jurisdiction of Delhi Courts Alone.